Hotels in Sirmione

There are lots of hotels in Sirmione and in the region around it. The easiest way to move around would be to stay in the historic center of Sirmione. However, any location around the south of the Garda lake should be fine. Just be sure to reserve some time for going to the ceremony — the high season will be already over, but it is a very touristic place.

We have a limited amount of rooms available for us at the Villa Cortine. If you would like to stay there, please contact us, since the reservations cannot be made for the wedding using search sites.

We have some recommendations below grouped in three price categories; or you can also check airbnb below.

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Maybe rent an apartment instead of staying at a hotel?

Airbnb is an online portal that connects owners of vacation homes to people looking for lodging. If you don't have an account, it's easy to register and start looking for the perfect place. There are usually very good deals, also for bigger groups travelling together.