Date & time

  • Starting at 15:00
  • on September 24th, 2016

Bridesmaids & groomsmen

  • Alana Miksa
  • Felipe's wife and our personal wedding doctor — she will make sure everyone survives the wedding!
  • Rafael Lass
  • Party monster and Fernando's oldest friend that will be attending the wedding.
  • Lauro Wolff Valente
  • The best partner for consuming massive amounts of hot dogs and having deep conversations :)
  • Paulina Danisauskaite
  • Partner in crime for partying as well as keeping secrets and organizing great surprises.
  • Rodrigo Núñez Ramírez
  • The Machete! Our party monster in chief on this side of the pond, his Mexican DNA is changing into Bavarian due to Heeeeelllleeess!!!
  • Christian Rossello
  • Our wine connoisseur and grill master. One of the nicest people we know.